Welcome to this on-line tutorial to help you re-discover the joy of the flute and music making.

No matter what your level there will be something in this tutorial for you. The emphasis here is learning through the enjoyment of playing and yes there will be some exercises, but also a great deal of music, new and old.

Each lesson will give you access to the downloads, including exercises, melodies, general information, flashcards, fingering charts, practice advice, video, audio and much more.

There are 5 main elements to each lesson: instruction, flashcard, practice tips, exercises and tunes.

This is about making time for you!

Each lesson will give you exercises to focus on areas of tone development, finger control and articulation. Download the flashcards to keep on your music stand as a gentle reminder of key points.

The musical excerpts are a mixture of some old classics and new music written by today's composers. I also invited musical submissions from compositional students around the country to help us in our musical journey, and there are some wonderful examples to help with your practice and development.

It's important that you take your time with these lessons to 'blow those playing cobwebs away' I am however confident that as soon as you begin, you'll be quickly embarking on the journey of rediscovering and reigniting your love for the flute!

© Clare Southworth 2014